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dream100: what else do I need to do to get php/apache to work on 12.04? php5-cgi is installed ^sam^: you need to set the right paths the first thing to do ^sam^: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue Blue11: I tried that, but doesnt work maybe I'm missing something else so php -v lol... dream100: don't know what else to tell you. as in where is the php directory, where is the apache one, etc ^sam^: as in what ActionParsnip said :) ^sam^: there is no /etc/issue ^sam^: in your apache2.conf you need to point to the correct location for php ^sam^: if you do, then run: less /etc/issue you will see a nice Ubuntu line ActionParsnip: that's because he didn't install apache2.conf, or didn't launch it properly ^sam^: do you have php-cgi installed? or rather php.ini (I use apache 2.4) Sorry for my lack of knowledge ActionParsnip, I did it kroson: php.ini (I use apache 2.4) ^sam^: did you run: sudo a2enmod php5; sudo service apache2 restart and then rerun your web page test alright let me re-check those settings restart? after each change? ^sam^: yes, you should restart apache after you



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HAL 7600 V1.2 2012.rar geosahr

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